crowdfunding: words of support by David Diamond


Wir freuen uns sehr hier die ersten „Worte der Unterstützung“ für unsere crowdfunding Kampagne zu veröffentlichen. David Diamond und seine Arbeit mit dem Theater zum Leben sind eine entscheidende Inspiration für Dominik Werner und die Entwicklung des Transition Theater gewesen. Danke David!


We are very happy to publish the first „words of support“ for our crowdfunding campaign! David Diamond and his work with Theatre for Living has been a crucial inspiration for Dominik Werner and for the development of Transition Theater! Thanks David!


„Why are we here? Is it to empty the cupboard? Or to help our surroundings be healthier, more vibrant and even more sustainable than we found them? Humankind is operating as if the former were true; as if unlimited growth is a natural occurrence in Nature. It is not. It is, in fact, a sign of disease. We are acting within planet earth in the same pattern like cancer does in an living organism.
How do we make the transition to a truly sustainable way – not just to coexist – but to co-create on this finite planet Earth? One step is recognizing that our lives are not mechanical; we are not machines, inhabiting a machine. Both physics and every Aboriginal teaching inform us that we are all part of a vibrant, interconnected web, and that it is our small decisions and our small actions, leading to bigger decisions and bigger actions, that create, or destroy, and sustain or undermine the structures around us. We do not have ‚dominion over the earth‘ – we are simply a part of it. There is no „them“ – only „us“ here on this tiny blue speck rotating in the middle of space.“
Humans think in metaphor, pictures. Art is the psyche of a community. This is why theatre and other art is such a powerful tool for transformational change. Your support of Transition Theatre’s first forumplay on issues around time-money-community will help the theatre-makers create an interactive play that stimulates important community dialogues for the transition into a degrowth way of living!“


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Artistic and Managing Director
Theatre for Living (formerly Headlines Theatre)

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