Theatre for Transition Learning Village (Italy)

In den vergangenen Jahren sind in verschiedenen Ländern zeitgleich Initiativen entstanden die Theater und Transition miteinander kombinieren. Seit Sommer / Herbst 2014 haben sich einige der Aktiven online vernetzt und ausgetauscht. Als erstes Ergebnis wird es vom 20.-26.Juli ein einwöchiges Treffen in Italien geben. Hier ist die Einladung und die Links zu dem Anmeldeformular:


Theatre for Transition (TfT) Learning Village, 20-26 July 2015, Italy

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Our societies are living a dramatic crisis. The fossil fuel economy and our lifestyle strongly affect the planet and are a source of discussion and concern globally. We are experiencing the end of the “limitless growth” era and are forced to look for alternatives in all fields to replace the existing system, culture and consciousness.

All around the world individuals, grassroots organizations, citizens associations, communities and wide networks are already building alternative structures. The construction of relationships based on cooperation, new models of education, health, economy, labor and help bring about new consciousness for a more healthy connection to nature and Mother Earth. We have found that many people are asking themselves similar questions. If we are reaching the end of the era of financial growth, what is next? What is the meaning of prosperity? What relationship do we as humans have to the earth? Is it possible for us to share rather than compete? We see people (re-)exploring the meaning of community, of dialogue, of the arts and of ritual in when trying to respond to these questions. Seemingly independently, theatre initiatives are springing within transition towns ( and permaculture initiatives, or as part of sustainability conscientization programmes.

We have a dream we want to actively dream with you, a new way to discuss and experiment these alternatives. This dream inspires us to organize the very first THEATRE FOR TRANSITION LEARNING VILLAGE. We are groups and individuals coming from all over the world, seeking to exchange knowledge and tools, work and brainstorm together. We will connect existing networks of change makers and allowing others to emerge. You are invited to participate and co-create a unique and outstanding event where people from different cultures and diverse walks of life share with each other what most inspire them (us). A time to play and inspire each other, to learn, and to open up a deep dialogue.

It will be a place for gifts, approaches, ideas, visions and next action steps for the great turning ( towards life-regenerating relations between nature, humans and society. By exchanging knowledge and capabilities freely, we will discover our abilities and share them. We will experiment with a new community model, based on new education and new spirituality, for personal transformation and collective change.

Together we can give birth to this new community experience, based on art practices and resilience. We can dream together with people from all over the world, we can connect to each other personally, we can share our skills, we can activate new little cells of transition and we can see them growing slowly, but constantly. We can celebrate this every day.

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